100% Design 2014

2014 100% Design Celebrates Fortunate Happenstance
Attending the 100% Design Exhibition at Earls Court London is a yearly tradition and an absolute must for any design team that expects to keep their fingers on the pulse.

With around 30,000 architects, designers, retailers and design fans gathering over three days, 100% Design is officially the UK’s largest design trade event. For lovers of everything design the third week of September simply couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Seeing the products from a different point of view
The show’s organisers encouraged visitors to view displays from a completely new perspective this year. By creating the ‘Design Kaleidoscope’, Thomas Matthews was able to meld together the beauty of up-and-coming products with visual effects.

The results are stunning. Check out this example of the Design Kaleidoscope featuring eco-friendly outdoor furniture by Isidore, a spun stool by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis. A wingback chair by James UK and a wall light by Mullan Lighting:

“By messing about we discover.” – Piranesi
The concept of serendipity was a prevailing theme at 2014 100% Design.

Some design inspirations come in the form of a snapshot image in the mind that needs only to be recreated in solid medium, other works only show their true form when complete.

Whether a project undergoes an ad hoc transformation or deliberately chosen materials morph over time to create an entirely unexpected look or texture, often the accidental is considered beautiful and this is a concept that was explored and showcased at this year’s event.

Not all walls are meant to be painted
Several of the pieces that stuck out in particular to the Creed-Miles team were the stunning acoustics by Anne Kyyrö Quinn. They have been one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of hand crafted interior textiles since 1999 and the studio has knack for blending simple concepts for bold, colourful results.

Every installation Anne Kyyrö Quinn undertakes is a tailor-made job. Cut, sewn and finished by hand.

Check out some of their pure wool felt striking motifs.

acoustics by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Their acoustics are doubly advantageous as they function not only as contemporary art pieces but are widely touted across the industry for featuring fantastic acoustic properties.

Let me put your call through
For obvious reasons we’ve got a penchant for pieces that revolve around office design. To stay ahead of the game and continue to create spaces where people love to work it’s always nice to discover new ideas.

We found several unique reception desks at 100% Design that sparked some interest. Reception is the first point of contact when you walk into an office and so a front desk with some pizazz can leave visitors quietly pondering what kind of a funky company this must be to work for.


In fact, the reception desks were, in our opinion, some of the stars of the show.

To Olympia and Beyond
This year’s show experienced such a record turnout that organisers have decided to move the exhibition from Earls Court to Olympia London from 2015.

Benefiting from a £30m investment and featuring an expansive 42,000m2 conference centre, the new venue will be able to accommodate more exhibitors and more visitors.

So starting from next year one of the UK’s strongest platforms for promoting up-and-coming design talent will be even heftier. And Creed-Miles will be there to see all the hottest new ideas right when they’re hot off the press.

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