Furniture Case Study
Convert a conventional office into a flexible open space

Drinks Industry


2 weeks


To convert a conventional office into a flexible open space allowing for free movement when no meetings are taking place, and suitable for one on one training, day to day desk work, meetings and innovation wall working.


Creed-Miles produced CAD drawings to show all four concepts of working arrangements to meet the brief. Once these were approved we supplied and installed the following:

  • Bespoke Storage Area: for artefacts and furniture.
  • Bespoke desk: surf shape desk with pull out extension.
  • Furniture: mobile multifunctional tables and mobile seating.
  • Decoration: room decoration included magnetic and write-on paint.
  • Flooring: carpet tiles.
  • Details: Surf board and surf fin coathooks, graphics


  • CAD Plans
  • Bespoke storage area
  • Bespoke Desking
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Magnetic paint
  • Write-on Paint
  • Carpet Tiles