Furniture Case Study
To create a multi-functional staffroom.



1 day


To create a multi-functional staffroom to give staff a comfortable retreat with dining facilities as well as the work benches.

With regular staff meetings, it was also very important to seat all teaching staff at any one time.

To create a common link throughout with a limited budget.


Modular seating was proposed to maximise seating areas for relaxation and staff meetings.

Co-ordinating fabric and table frames, for the designated dining area, ensures the various rest, eat and work spaces blended and flowed together.


Redesigned and planned out the area to ensure maximum seating whilst retaining clear, defined spaces for relaxation, dining and working.

Installed modular seating in soft, light coloured fabrics with colour-matching dining chairs and table frames. Remained within budget.

Delivery was planned very early in the morning so no infants were on-site.

The multi, soft colour scheme was welcomed by all members of staff.

Create a common link throughout with a limited budget.